Bot for quick distribution of work between employees / partners

Any Channel Any Industry

Do you work with a large pool of workers? It takes a while to find and agree on a contractor for a job?

Hire a robot that will accept new applications into the queue and, according to your rules, distribute them among the team.

The robot is ideal for those who are engaged in the selection of sport trainers, nannies and tutors for children, equipment suppliers, construction crews, etc.

Features of the solution:

  • We set up the rules for the distribution of the work queue according to your rules
  • Pre-register your team or add a self-registration in the bot
  • Your administrator places a job application in the admin panel on the website or in the bot
  • Or, the client can place an application in the bot
  • The bot takes the application and sends it to the executors according to the programmed rules: all at once, in turn, etc.
  • Team member accepts work and receives customer contacts
  • The robot notifies the administrator about the found performer or its absence

In the "Reports" section, you can see statistics on the distribution of work by performer for any period of time.