Bot consultant for Instagram store

Any Channel Any Industry

A virtual robot will serve as a great addition to your existing or planned Instagram storefront.

The robot integrates into direct messages on all your accounts and does the work that you entrust it:

  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  • Presents a product, service or catalog, as well as talks about prices, terms of payment and delivery and gives any other useful information
  • It will conduct a survey and collect the data you are interested in
  • Place an order and transfer it to the human operator
  • It can even accept payment
  • The robot collects the subscribers base for mass messaging
  • Able to respond to messages from stories and can become a good helper in advertising campaigns thanks to the reaction to messages and sales tunnels
  • It can even understand the essence of the question, using the technology of natural language recognition (NLP) and give a clear answer

The robot is available 24/7 and is guaranteed to free up the resources of your company, which will be especially noticeable with a large number of inquiries.