WhatsApp Landing for the presentation of a product or service in the messenger

Any Channel Any Industry

This service is great if you have:

  • A product that can be sold only after the customer has become acquainted with the brand/company (or with you personally), as well as with the characteristics and features of the product. For example, animal food.
  • A complex service, the value of which must be explained to the customer. For example, a messenger marketing service.

If you need to automate the presentation and get a tool to scale your efforts and increase conversion, hire us to create a landing page for WhatsApp.

Your bot will have the following features:

  • Says hello to the buyer
  • Sends all the necessary information about the company, product, services
  • Can send pictures, documents and PDF, audio and video
  • Will presentation the material as if you were doing it yourself
  • It will show a self-service menu that will allow the buyer to continue to self-educate on their own
  • Will transfer the customers to the human operator when they are ready to buy
  • Collects and stores the database of phone numbers